Why Mindfulness?

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We are so used to our busy minds, we don’t even notice how chaotic it gets in there. We were taught to be busy – so now we need to fill every little break, or we get restless and bored.

Do you realise how often you think about the past (and feel guilt, shame, anger, regret) or the future (stress and anxiety) or purely imaginary scenarios?  Almost half of the time. Yes, really - it has been estimated that we are lost in ‘mental wanderings’, on average, 47% of our waking time! Almost half of the time we are not really ‘here’. This easily leads to burn-out, depression, overeating, lack of focus and motivation, and ultimately physical health problems. And apart from that, where’s your life going?

Thankfully, mindfulness comes to the rescue. Learning to bring kind, non-judgemental attention to the present as it is, and recognising that we have thoughts but we aren’t the thoughts, returns us fully to our lives – and to better health. Hundreds of studies have documented the physical changes to the brain which regular practice produces, whose benefits include:

  • inner peace

  • contentedness and resilience in the face of adversity

  • improved relationships

  • focus, energy and efficiency

  • an increase in compassion, love and happiness

  • improved heart rate and blood pressure

  • increased confidence and self-esteem

  • better sleep


… and no nasty side effects. Change your life. Get in touch.

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